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The data you use to run your sales and marketing strategy has a huge impact on the productivity of your business. Have you ever wished your company could reach every company and decision-maker in your addressable market? Do you want your data quality problems to simply go away?

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All email records verified through SMTP before release.

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Hard bounces replaced or refunded within 3 working days.

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All email data GDPR compliant under lawful basis of legitimate interests.


Types of B2B data are there


  • Firmographic data is the different characteristics used to segment companies into groups. These can include information such as industry, company size and revenue. For example a segment can be created to target companies in the Manufacturing industry.
  • It can be used by sales and marketing teams to focus on specific companies allowing them to tailor their offering to best suit the company’s needs.


  • Chronographic data involves the element of time to events or any changes that have occurred that may present sales or marketing opportunities.
  • Such examples could include a newly appointed Head, recent funding secured, or in the process of hiring new employees. This type of data could be considered as time-sensitive and opens a window of opportunity to present an offer just when they need it.


  • Technographic data refers to the different technologies (or technology stack) your target companies are using. These can include hardware, software, digital tools, platforms, etc.
  • With the number of technologies available rapidly increasing and being adopted by companies, understanding what technologies they are using can enable you to personalise your proposal in a way that is meaningful for them.

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